Walnuts (Akhrot Giri)


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Akhrot Giri (Walnuts without shell)

Looking for a perfect snack with a warm cup of tea? The Awal organic food walnuts / Akhrot Giri are crisp to perfection and wholesome to satisfy your warm cravings. Place your order now to buy 100% fresh and natural walnuts in Pakistan! Awal organic food provides the best premium quality walnuts all across Pakistan to add crunch to your everyday life. Awal walnuts are savory because of their subtle nutty taste. Neither too soft nor too hard, these walnuts are perfect to make your mouth water.

Akhrot Giri are enriched with vitamins, fats, fiber, and minerals. These healthful properties of walnuts support the human body to function effectively. Walnuts contain a plentiful amount of antioxidants and have the highest antioxidant activity of any other common nut. The papery membrane of walnuts contains melatonin, vitamin E, and plant compounds that help in oxidative damage of bad LDL cholesterol after eating, reducing the risks of atherosclerosis.

A study by the Institute of Medicine says that every man and woman should have 1.6 and 1.1 grams of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) respectively. Serving yourself with walnuts daily meets that guideline. This also lessens the chance of dying from heart disease by 10℅.

Walnuts are enriched with nutrients that nourish your brain and support its active functioning with age. From strengthening your internal body to maintaining your physique, walnuts are the best luxurious nuts.

We have the best prices for Akhrot Giri in Pakistan!

Make your life zesty and refreshing by adding the palatable walnuts from Khaas dryfruits.com. An amazing way to make walnuts part of your daily life is to use them in your dishes.

Following are some ways to make Khass’ walnuts part of your daily routine:

  •   Sprinkle a sufficient amount of walnuts over your salads.
  •   Top your oatmeal and yogurt in breakfast
  •   Chop them to make them a part of your creamy pasta
  •   Delight yourself with the sprinkle of chopped walnuts in your cheesy sandwiches.
  •   Garnish your fish and chicken with these hygienic walnuts from Khaas dryfruits.com

Awal organic food guarantees the best premium quality packaging to their customers. It is our priority to provide our customers with the best hygienic household food products to meet their needs. Our best packaging sustains the freshness and aroma of our walnuts.

Benefits of walnut:

  •   Best source for losing weight.
  •   Provides heart health
  •   Prevents the body from developing cancerous cells.
  •   Provides strength to brain
  •   Decreases inflammation
  •   Promotes a healthy gut.
  •   The best source of antioxidants
  •   The best source to control blood sugar
  •   Help to maintain normal blood pressure
  •   Benefits in lowering harmful cholesterol in the body.
  •   Enriched with Omega-3

Features of Awal’ Walnuts / Akhrot Giri:

  •   100℅ premium quality product
  •   Best packaging
  •   Booster for your body and brain
  •   Just a click away anywhere in Pakistan.
  •   Available in packs of, 500g, and 1000g.



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