Almond (Desi Giri)


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Badaam Desi Giri (Almonds)


Buy premium quality Desi Badaam Giri online in Pakistan. Awal organic food presents you 100℅ natural and fresh badaam online in Pakistan. Our top-quality Desi Badams are grown locally and are processed in our warehouse.

Raw Desi Badam is also known as Desi Badams. Desi badams are considered the King of almonds because of their divine taste and their high protein concentration. Desi badams are unpasteurized. According to an article published by Dawn, these badams are thought to have originated from Afghanistan and Pakistan. These badams are fully enriched with nutrients that fulfill the body’s desire for energy. The cultivation area of Desi badams in Pakistan is 10 thousand hectares and annual production is 22 thousand tonnes. In 2017, the global export of almonds from Pakistan reached US$ 5.17 billion.

Rich in antioxidants; Desi Badam safeguard your cells from any oxidative damage. They are a high source of vitamin E. Nourishing yourself with vitamin E protects you from various health problems including heart diseases, Alzheimer and cancer.

Desi Badam is highly concentrated with magnesium, which refrains the body from getting metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. The lower level of magnesium in the body leads to high blood pressure. So, taking an adequate amount of daily maintains the normal magnesium level in the body leading to control blood pressure. Moreover, almonds steer the removal of bad LDL cholesterol preventing the body from getting any heart disease. Making almonds a part of your daily munching routine decreases the levels of oxidized LDL from your body. They are higher in protein and fibers with lower carbs in them. They meet your body energy fully without consuming more calories.

Following are some ways to make Desi Badams part of your feasts:

  • Almonds can be consumed as a snack along with afternoon tea.
  • They can be an important ingredient in your homemade trifle.
  • Sprinkle a handful of crushed almonds over your smoothies.
  • Make them be an important part of your cocktails.
  • Add crunch to your veggies with a topping of sliced almonds
  • Delight yourself with almond-crusted fish.
  • Add almonds to your dessert to be more nutritious.
  • Consume these delicacies with honey milk and a handful of cashews.



Health Benefits of Badam Giri:

  • Manage your weight
  • Powerful sources of nutrients
  • Keep heart healthy
  • Beneficial for bone health
  • Maintains sugar level and blood level.
  • Keep your body energized the whole day.
  • Maintain healthy metabolic activities.




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