Pinenuts (Chilgoza)


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Chilgoza (Pinenuts)

Awal organic foods presents fresh and best quality Chilgoza with shells online across Pakistan. Chilgoza in English is called Pinenut. They are extremely rich in Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Magnesium! With their unique taste and aroma, they are everyone’s favorite. Buy premium quality chilgoza (pinenuts) online in Pakistan. Chilgoza Sabit grows in northern Pakistan. Growing at the highlands between 1800 and 3500 meters; pine nuts are native to northwest Himalayas, northwestern India, and Waziristan. They are also found in Balochistan, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, and Gilgit. Chilgoza trees comprise about 20℅ Pakistani forests.

Shells of pine nuts increase their lifetime. Pine nuts have a high concentration of oil in them. So, when pine nuts without shells come in contact with atmospheric oxygen the oil in them becomes rancid making pine nuts stale. So shells maintain the freshness and natural aroma of the pine nuts increasing their life span to a year. However, pine nuts without shells have a shorter life span. Shells also safeguard them from any harmful pest and other drastic conditions.

Chilgozas pack a vast range of nutrients that are vital for good health.

Chilgozas help in maintaining the energy levels of the body because of iron, protein, and magnesium in them. Vitamin E in them has the high antioxidant ability that keeps the skin healthy and appearance young.

Chilgozas also contribute to maintaining good heart health and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Chilgozas are filled with unsaturated fats that reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Omega-3 in them reduces the chances of blood clotting and prevents arrhythmias. This also helps in preparing and building brain cells thus improving the thinking ability and blood flow to the brain. Chilgozas also prevent cellular stress and inflammation in the brain. Magnesium in them boosts the ability of the body to uptake glucose and helps in maintaining the sugar level of the body.

Pine nuts can also be used to delight your feasts. The buttery taste of pine nuts and their soft crunchy texture is perfect to make your mouth water.

You can make them a part of your meals in the following ways:

  •   Use them to make your homemade sauces. They are mainly stirred with basil, cheese, olive oil, and garlic to prepare the pesto.
  •   Make your parfait delicious by sprinkling pine nuts on it.
  •   Make your pasta and salads more luscious by adding pine nuts to them.
  •   Grind them and sprinkle a handful of them in your vegetables including broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower.
  •   Add brunch to your pizza by topping it with pine nuts.
  •   Add them to your bakery products such as biscuits, puff pastries, and cakes.

Top health benefits of Chilgoza:

  •   Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  •   Manages sugar level in body and control vision issues and strokes
  •   Reduces the chances of the body getting cancer and destroys cancerous cells.
  •   Helps in boosting brain health
  •   Strengthen the bones because of vitamin K in it.
  •   Aids in improving vision
  •   Reduces the inflammation from the body.
  •   Boost the energy levels in the body
  •   Strengthen immune system
  •   Aids in losing weight
  •   Keeps skin and hair young and healthy
  •   Helps in healthy digestion.

Features of Awal’ Chilgoza:

  •   Fresh and raw texture
  •   Hygienic and eco-friendly packaging
  •   Premium quality chilgozas at a reasonable price.
  •   100℅ pure and fresh
  •   Enriched with nutrients and energy
  •   Available in packs of 500g, 1000g.

Packaging provided by Awal organic food secures the hygiene and natural essence of the product.



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