Cashew (Roasted)


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Roasted cashew


Buy Premium Quality Roasted Kaju Large online in Pakistan on Roasted cashews are rich in protein, antioxidants, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. They are also perfect for toppings. Buy premium quality roasted cashews (Large) in Pakistan!

Plain cashews are roasted to bring out their soft, sweet taste. Cashews become better and crispy with roasting. Roasting enhances their zest and odor. Awal organic food carry plain cashews to their barn, roast them under great observation, and maintain their quality and essence.

Roasted cashews by awal Dryfruits are less oily, and adding these cashews to your life will open your taste buds to new mouthwatering zest.

Roasted cashews by Awal organic food are chewy, luscious, and crunchy. They are best to satisfy your cravings. You can add cashews to your food items in the following ways:

  • Consume them directly as a snack with milk or your afternoon tea.
  • Make homemade nut butter by adding chopped roasted cashews to it.
  • Chop them and add into milk
  • Top your roasted chicken with cashews
  • Add to your Curries and korma
  • Add these cashews to your fried rice
  • Consume them with other nuts like almondswalnuts, and anjeer.


Top health benefits of roasted kaju:

  • Help in the prevention of blood diseases.
  • Good for heart health and protects the body from cardiovascular problems
  • Good for eye health.
  • Beneficial for healthy skin
  • Aids in losing weight and maintaining a normal weight.
  • Good source of dietary fibers
  • Make hair shiny and healthy

Features of Khaas Dryfruits’ roasted cashews (Large):

  • 100℅ pure and natural
  • Premium quality and freshly roasted cashews
  • Packed in high-quality hygienic packaging
  • Available online across Pakistan
  • Larger in size
  • Available in packs of 500g, 1000 g

A healthy, satisfying, and eco-friendly packaging is provided to our customers to keep the product fresh and hygienic. Awal ’ premium quality packaging promises the freshness of the product. It adds a spark to its quality by securely locking the natural taste and essence of the cashews. So order your pack of fresh roasted cashews (large) online at best prices in Pakistan from



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